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JC Sunday Worship 5-2-21
New Sermon Series STAND Week 2 “Stand up”


JC Sunday Worship 4-25-21
New Sermon Series STAND Week 1 “Stand out”


JC Worship Sunday 4 18 2021 “In The Beginning…”

Pastor Kevin shares with us that Jesus was with God at the beginning of time and is with us in every beginning of our life. As God brought light, life and love into the world, Jesus brings light, life and love in and thru us, more more abundantly as our desire and faith are increased. May God’s living word Jesus live within you and your soul be ignited and enlightened by His Spirit.

JC Sunday Worship 4-11-21 Vantage Point Week 5 –
 “Cross of the Pharisees”


JC Sunday Worship 4-4-21 Vantage Point Week 4 –
 “Easter Sunday – From Jesus’ eyes”


Saturday 4/3/21

John 19
"Buried in the Grave"

JC Sunday Worship 3-28-21 Vantage Point Week 3 –
 “Palm Sunday-The Crowds”


JC Sunday Worship 3-21-21 Vantage Point Week 2 –
The Disciples

JC Sunday Worship 3-14-21 Vantage Point Week 1 –
Mary Magdalene

Just Worship Service 3-7-2021 “Come Together – Forgiving Yourself 

Handout for JC Worship 03-7-21

JC Worship Service 2-28-2021 “Come Together – Forgiving God”

Handout for JC Worship 2-28-21

JC Worship Service 2 21 2021 week 3 “Come Together- Faith to forgive and get over it”

Handout for JC Worship 2-21-21

JC Worship Service 2 14 2021 “Come Together- 
 United in Christ” – Week 2

Handout for JC Worship 2-14-21

“Come Together” Series
“Unity in Diversity” – Week 1

Handout for JC Worship 2-7-21

Just Church Worship Service Keep the Change Series
“Get Ahead of Yourself” – Week 4

Handout for JC Worship 1-31-21

Just Church Worship Service January 24, 2021 Keep the Change Series
“Like a Hawk” – Week 3

Handout for JC Worship 1-24-21 “Like a Hawk”

Just Church Worship Service January 17, 2021
Keep the Change Series
“On the Spot” – Week 2

Handout for JC Worship 1-17-21
“On the Spot” 


Just Church Worship Service January 10, 2021
Keep the Change Series
“Making Cents of Change”

Handout for JC Worship 1-10-21

Just Church Worship Service 01-03-21 “The Weary World Rejoices” Mary’s Promise

Handout for JC Worship 1-3-21
“New Year’s Message”

Just Church Worship December 27, 2020  – “The Weary World Rejoices – The Wise Men”

Handout for JC Worship 12-27-2020  – “The Weary World Rejoices – The Wise Men”

Just Church Worship December 20, 2020 “A Weary World Rejoices” Wk4

Handout for JC Worship 12-20-2020 4th week of Advent – “The Weary World Rejoices – Joseph’s Story”

JC Worship 12-13-2020 3rd week of Advent – “The Weary World Rejoices” Luke 2:6-16

Handout for JC Worship 12-13-2020 3rd week of Advent – “The Weary World Rejoices”

JC Worship 12 6 2020 -week 8 Dawn is Coming! -“The Weary World Rejoices”

Handout for JC Worship 12-6-2020 Wk 8 “The Weary World Rejoices”

JC Worship 11 29 2020 –  week 7  Dawn is Coming -“Live like your life depends on it” 

Handout for JC Worship 11 29 2020 Wk 7 “Like Your Life Depends on It”

JC Worship 11 22 2020 Dawn is Coming Wk6 “Peace & Joy even when life stinks”

Handout for JC Worship 11 22 2020 Wk 6 “Peace & Joy even when life stinks”

Dawn is Coming! wk5- 11/15/2020
“Where Beauty Comes From”

Handout for JC Worship 11 15 2020 Wk 5 “Where Beauty Comes from”

Dawn is Coming! wk 4 – 11/8/2020
“For God’s Sake”

Handout for JC Worship 11 8 2020 Dawn is Coming – “For God’s Sake”

On Sunday 8 30 2020 our full JC worship team led an amazing 90 minutes worship concert with testimonies and opportunity to support a worthy cause that changes lives around the world. To learn more please visit trustwithoutborders.org THANK YOU!

Made in Love to know one's self - gaining awareness and wisdom thru the Enneagram
Sermon Series May 31 - August 2nd 2020

“Fear Not” is a Just Church sermon series during the Corona Virus Pandemic where we explore the truth that God does not want us to have fear, but instead know that He is with us. 
So, let’s turn to The Lord and put our hope, trust and faith in Him!

Just Church April 19 2020 “Fear Not” Worship Week 1 “For I AM with you…”  Isaiah 41:10

Just Church April 26 2020 Worship “Fear Not” Week 2 “When you feel alone & afraid”

Just Church May 1 2020 “Fear Not!” Week 3 “When we have feelings of depression apathy & anxiety”

Just Church  May 17 2020 “Fear Not!” Week 4 “How to have Contagious Hope”

Happy Mother’s Day!  May 10th, 2020 

Below is a great message for all on how we are to honor our mothers and wives so that we can have joyful homes! Check out this SPECIAL MUSIC VIDEO (on the right) as together as Just Church family we wish to all of our mothers and mother-like people a happy and safe Mother’s day! ❤️😘 Moms, thank you for raising, nurturing and guiding us in life and love and may God bless you with the peace, joy and love you all deserve!

Just Church Easter Worship April 12 2020  “I am the Resurrection and the Life”  

Praise God, The Lord is Risen! Jesus is alive, Hallelujah! Let’s worship our Heavenly Father who has graciously provided Life and Resurrection to all me through the Messiah, Jesus Christ. He has done it as He said he would, Joy, Love and Peace to the world forevermore!

Holy Saturday

is the day after the Lord was executed by crucifixion and buried in the grave. The authorities sealed the tomb and posted guards. The disciples were worried of what would happen next…yet they remembered His words in John 13-17 where Jesus told them what must happen! Rachel and I share at noon how Jesus prays and encourages the disciples and us, He knows we need it! Please share with us your thoughts and questions here or at info@justchurch.net.  Special Music below “Buried in the Grave”

Good Friday

Thank you for walking through this journey together this week. Today is Good Friday. This is the day we remember Jesus completing the work of redemption for us all by suffering and sacrifice on the cross. Please share with us your thoughts and questions here or at info@justchurch.net. Special Music above “Come to Save Us”

Maundy Thursday 4 9 2020

The first episode of Maundy Thursday as we experience the Last Supper, which contained the Passover Feast and the First Communion. Also, Jesus predicts Judas’ betrayal and Peter’s denial. Luke 22:7-23 and Matthew 26:31-35. The second episode of walking thru the Garden of Gethsemane, Judas’ Betrayal, Jesus’ Arrest and Peter’s Denial found in Matthew 26:36-75

Holy Week with JC Live 4 8 2020

Today we will be walking with Jesus and His Disciples in John 12, luke 21 & 22.  Feel free to ask questions or send us a note by emailing us at info@justchurch.net

Holy Week with JC Live 4 7 2020

Rachel and I sharing some insight from Matthew 22 and 23 as we continue to walk thru Holy week with Jesus and his followers.  Feel free to ask questions or send us a note by emailing us at info@justchurch.net

Holy Week with JC Live 4/6/2020

Hi JC Fam, Rachel and I are excited to walk thru Holy week with you.  Today, grab your bible and follow along in Luke 19:39-44 and Matthew 21:12-16 as we look at the moments following the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Feel free to ask questions or send us a note by emailing us at info@justchurch.net

Good Day Just Church Family, 
Strange times these are indeed. We here at Just Church wants to keep you up to date on our response to Covid-19, the coronavirus. The events are unfolding at an incredible pace and so we are all trying to remain flexible and navigate this uncharted territory together.
This week has brought many developments including school and other public event closures, as well as authorities asking for strong consideration to be given to cancelling any significant public gatherings and stay at home. In order to honor these requests, and to be good neighbors to all working so hard to stem the spread of the coronavirus, your Just Church leaders feel that the best option at this time is to offer a Watch Party on Sundays at 10 am.  This can be viewed on facebook, where we can interact together.  Join us there at www.facebook.com/justchurchhaverhill  We look forward to seeing you soon!!!


As we will not be gathering, this can adversely affect the church financially and so we hope you will consider how to continue giving while we can’t gather together.  You can mail a a letter and check made payable to “Just Church” to:
Just Church
PO Box 468
Haverhill, MA 01830
Your commitment to faithful giving will ensure we can continue to be the hands and feet of Christ in Haverhill and beyond.
Prayer Requests
Your prayers requests are important to us and we would love to hear from you.  Please email us prayers or thoughts at connect@justchurch.net

Online Giving

We appreciate you and your sacrifice in supporting the work of the Kingdom by donating to Just Church.  We are excited to have you as a partner in ministry. We look forward to seeing what God will do with these resources, gifts, talents and efforts.  God Is Good…All the Time!

We intend to closely monitor developments with the corona virus throughout the next few weeks and will prayerfully make decisions on how best to move forward with Sunday worship and other gatherings in future weeks.
This is indeed uncharted territory that we walk through together right now, and please do not forget that you don’t walk alone.
“So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the Lord your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you.”
Deuteronomy 31:6 NLT
Until we can gather together once again, may the peace of God that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!
Pastor Jon,
Just Church