Today, we’re turning ashes into beauty! Unfortunately, our building is not ready <sad trombone>.  Due to supply issues, the developer and his team have not been able to secure the equipment needed to hook us up with permanent electrical power.  We are continuing to work with the City of Haverhill and the Developer to get into our building as soon as possible, but this Sunday we are going to celebrate a REMOTE SERVICE ONLY together on Facebook Live.  Although this may be disappointing, as I said, we’re going to turn those ashes to beauy with a SUNDAY PJ PARTY!  Please join us Sunday at 9:55am on our livestream at

So, wear your favorite PJs, jump on Facebook this Sunday at 9:55, send a pic to and we’ll share our morning together with our coffee (or your beverage of choice) in our PJs. We will worship together and learn what it means when we say, “God is HOPE” in the last week of our “God is _____” Sermon series. 

OH! And right now in our new space the rafters are being cleaned and the walls are being painted to give us a clean and fresh look.  New front doors are in, and new floors are being put down.  Church Fam, let’s join together and PRAY to the One who has ultimate power, for our power concerns to be satisfied and that we will be able to move in to our new building in the next couple of weeks! Thank you for walking together with us in grace, patience and humility.