Kevin and Tammy sabbatical announcement.

 Some of you know and many are probably unaware that Kevin and Tammy have been serving God faithfully in ministry for 38 years now. They had started back when they were in their early 20s  First at a ministry out of Worcester/Gardner area of Massachusetts and then eventually planting their own church family in Salisbury/Merrimac MA area. Then they were called to Haiti.  They sold most of their possessions & all their property and moved to Haiti to do God’s work in one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere.

 When they came back they joined us over at Rock Church Amesbury about eight years ago. They have been an integral part of our church family and both have been leaders and mentors to your pastors as we together planted Just Church in July 2019

They have earned & deserve rest and are taking a sabbatical to reconnect with each other, their kids and grandkids, and most importantly to our God.   Pastoring and leading takes an incredible amount of effort physically mentally spiritually emotionally and we all need rest.  Many pastors are on call 24/7 due to the nature of our care for our people and the issue that arise.  sabbaticals are a tool used to assist pastors and leaders in gaining focus, energy and direction For what God has next in the season of life we are in.

 I would ask you to join me in wishing them well as they transition out of their roles and responsibilities over the next few weeks.   Their last day in-person with us will be Dec 4 and we’ll have a time of dessert after service to honor them and their legacy.  Today we don’t have to rush out so have a cookie or cupcake and connect with Kevin and each other.

 I praise God for them, appreciate them and celebrate their commitment and dedication to Just Church. 

 They’ll still be around town and are not changing their numbers so you’ll be able to reach out to them and continue to enjoy your relationship as Brothers and sisters in Christ and friends.   

 Please pray for them & Just Church in this transition.  Pray God provides the resources to fill the gaps left by Kevin and Tammy and that God will provide them with a great wisdom, peace & joy as they seek and continue to do his will and hear his voice.