Accepting Christ






Seek, question, discuss & research to explore & discover who God is and what life is about.  You know there’s something more in store, start today!

Trust in God’s goodness, design & love.  He dreamt of and created the universe and YOU with a plan, a purpose  and a future everlasting.

Realize and own that you are a sinner (we all are not God or perfect) and that you need God’s help in life and power for salvation.

Pray prayer below

Accept Jesus Christ as God in the flesh (The Way, the Truth and The Life) and God’s divine method to love, secure & resurrect you for eternity. 

Welcome God as your Heavenly Father, Jesus as Lord of your life, and the Holy Spirit as God’s presence within you.   Let’s go!


God, I know I’m a sinner. I can’t fix myself.  But I believe you can.

Come into my life.  And make me new. I give myself to you.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.

What's Next?

Welcome to the Family of God! Your journey is just beginning and will continue your whole life. There will still be troubles, trials and temptations but God is with you & for you and will use all things for your good as you surrender to His will, trust His ways, obey his calling on your life and praise & thank Him for everything. You are no longer spiritual orphans but children of God