The Parent’s Love

Why did God come to the Earth as one of us? As Jesus? 
Let’s think of it this way – There was a parent with a child who ran away from home and moved far away to a foreign land. 
The Parent tries to call, but the Child doesn’t answer. 
They text, but there’s no reply.
Email to check up on them, nothing. 
Then one day the Child calls asking the Parent to send money.
The Parent tries to ask them about their life and everything that is going on.  “Where are you? Are you safe? Who you staying with?”
The Child shares little, but says, “Don’t worry, everything is fine.  Just send the money.”
Of course, the Parent does, but they worry about their kid. 
The Child begins to call more often, always needing more money.
They tell the Parent about some of their struggles and the Parent tries to give some advice. The Parent feels encouraged that maybe the advice will help, but deep down they know that something is NOT right.  Their Child sounds sick and weak. The Parent wishes they could reach through the phone and hold their baby. 
The Child keeps calling.  More and more requests for money. Eventually the conversations consist of nothing more than requests for money and flat assurances of, “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”  There are noises in the background – loud music, louder voices and sometimes sirens.   
The Parent can’t stop worrying and starts acting to try to find out where the child is. They finally find them and decide to go to them. They connect after that and the Parent says “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”  The Child doesn’t actually think the Parent will find them, and even if they do they certainly won’t come halfway around the world for them. The Child responds “Okay that’s fine, whatever.” They do think they are doing fine, far from any obligations or judgements.  
The Parent, knowing their Child is in deep trouble, travels for 2 days, on 4 different planes and searches the city for days and days for their Child.  They only have a 30-day visa and already 2 weeks have gone by with no luck.  One day, they come out of a store with the child’s picture in hand and a beggar, bruised and filthy, asks “Do you have any change to spare?” The Parent looks into their drugged-out eyes and sees hopelessness and defeat.  She then recognizes the birthmark on their cheek and realizes, “This is my baby. Penniless, in the gutter, living on the streets, starving, addicted and beaten!” The Parent calls a taxi and rushes their Child to their hotel.  They care for them, nurse them to health, tend their wounds, help them detox from the drugs and work through their traumas. 
The Parent feeds and nourishes their child, puts them in clothes they brought from back home.  They talk about home and how good it’ll be back there.
But the Child owes debts & fines, community service and is even facing jail time for the many crimes they have committed.  They can’t leave this place to go home. The Parent has to go back home because their visa is running out.  They can’t bear to leave their Child but know they must.  With the precious time they have left with their Child they gently share some wisdom about how to love and respect others, to live selflessly and humbly and about God and His nature, His Love, His Ways and His Truth. Hoping that with a good foundation, their baby can start on the right path and make good choices from now on. 
They pray to God together that the Child will fulfill their obligations, stay out of trouble, find friends to be in community with and be able to support themselves. 
They say good bye, they both cry and are worried for each other.  As the Parent is leaving the country, they know they must do something to give their child a chance.  So, they take all their savings, sell their home, draw on every shred of credit they have and they pay the last penny of their Child’s debt. The fines are satisfied and the dealers & loan sharks get paid off.  This keeps the Child from prison or worse. If their debts weren’t paid, the Child surely would have been dead or at least a slave for the rest of their life.  Now they have the opportunity for new life. 
The Child is so grateful and recognizes the sacrifice their Parent’s gave for them.  This act changes the Child’s life, renews their heart and transforms their way of thinking. They learn to work hard, connect well to others and share what the Parent taught to them with everyone they meet.  They are kind and humble, loving others sacrificially.  They no long feel worthless but fulfilled, contributing to society and serving others.
Finally, years later a car pulls up outside the Parent’s home and out steps the Child, looking amazing! They run up the walkway into the Parent’s open arms.  The Parent looks into their Child’s eyes and sees love, REAL LOVE, the reflection of their own face and the tears of joy and relief.  
“Thank God, My Child you are home safe & sound!”
I share this story with you because you are that Child and God is that Parent.  Everyone’s who hears, listens and receives the truth of Jesus Christ will one day make their way home to Him.  Jesus is God in person, the Parent who travels long distances, comes to rescue their child in need, forgives their sins, gives everything to pay their debts and provide a way home.  Through Him our lives, our hearts and our minds can be transformed.
We just have to accept His Love and let Him bring us home safe & sound!